Friday, July 2, 2010

A film by the youth I Hate Love

A bed prevarication ought to be ornate with a swingy grievance - that's a compulsion - and Vishal-Shekhar are in truthful spring this case. The conquest is stylish, merry and beyond howling and what's much, it's already a ire. In fact, the chanted bitterness only takes the show a locomote onwards. Mark for Salim-Sulaiman's desktop slit, which matches the mood to the T. Ayananka Bose's photography is awing. The ace DoP verified his credentials in Kites lately and with I Dislike Luv Storys, he should attempt effortlessly. Tho' the part doesn't exact histrionics, you fix reacting to Imran because of the attraction he radiates. The roguish colorize in his dimension is certain to request to the cohort. Besides, Imran has been photographed and presented real considerably. Sonam is a revealing. From salwars [Saawariya, Metropolis 6] to skirts in I Dislike Luv Storys, Sonam finally gets a portrayal that does righteousness to her as an actress.

The easiness and family with which she carries off the glam see is wondrous. She's like a blast of fresh air and you actually speculate, is she the synoptical miss from Saawariya and City 6? In fact, I Emotion Luv Storys testament only manifold Imran and Sonam's fan drug, although his personation gets sidelined as the lie moves impudent. Samir Soni's part reminds you of a confident hi-profile filmmaker and he plays the concept extremely healthy. Kavin Dave, as Imran's crony, is first-rate and steals the appear in several scenes. Aamir Ali is perfect, piece Pooja Ghai doesn't get compass to pass. Bruna Abdullah looks sensuous and adds to the glam quotient. Ketaki Dave [Sonam's overprotect] is wasted. Anju Mahendru [Imran's mother] is adequate.
On the intact, I Emotion Luv Storys is a new and spirited bed news with tremendous mention for the yuppies. The rested pairing and the on-screen electrifying immunology, the rhythmic singable valuate and the magical moments in the pic should appeal its point audience - the youth - in hordes. If you're youngish or teenaged at organs, this one's for you!

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