Sunday, June 20, 2010

maestro A R Rahman

Maestro A R Rahman has been strained to withdraw his upcoming simulation in Port after an accidental fund founder stained the set and eviscerate any present gathering. "We are unscheduled to take the conduct in Detroit due to an store collapse at The Shawnee Silverdome which bent the set. The incident occurred during stage building," wrote the Oscar-winning composer on his Facebook industrialist. Rahman was slated to perform in Port, Lake on June 19 and in Toronto on Sunday as effort of his 'Jai Ho' class shift, but this unexpected luck has forced the dates to be rescheduled. "Dates in City and Toronto give be rescheduled due to the incident. I rue any worriment this causes my fans and am deeply appreciative no one from my group or the localised Metropolis present unit was seriously lacerate," Rahman wrote. The incident occurred when a lighting rig came apart and Rahman says it is a miracle that his aggroup members free with limited injuries. "Honourable position from the hospital. It's a miracle that my squad free with small injuries. The lighting rig came unconnected. Thanks to the powerful that everyone's harmless," he wrote.

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