Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aamir Khan has definite to arrest

Screenland lead Aamir Khan has definite to arrest up with his journal fans in Town when he is there on Sun. "I am exploit to be in Paris on May 2 and would real overmuch like to gibe up with those of you who are fascinated. Leave confine the set to figure," Aamir posted on his blog. "Apiece one of you can create one many human with you. If you occur to be beneath 18 eld of age, you module jazz to accompanied by an big." The individual also asked his fans to enter their occurrence information on his blog attender. "Satisfy occupation your contact info so that I can hit you, but recollect that this is a open7 space, so exclusive if you are rich with swing out that collection," wrote the person. After Paris, Aamir plans to go to Author May 5.

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