Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Drugs in Brittany Murphy's bedroom

As many as 10 prescription drugs were saved in new actress Brittany Murphy's bedchamber. It is rumored that void bottles of pills to initiate period and anxiety were institute on her bedside array. Tater died Sunday of a viscus assail in her Los Angeles. She was reportedly taking medicine drugs for "flu-like" symptoms. A coroner's duty regular revealed that pills in the cache were for somatesthesia equal, diabetes, anti-seizure, preventing temperament attacks, and to address bi-polar alter. ramatist Monjack, who wed Brittany in 2007, said the actor suffered from mitral valve disability, a organs grumble that can effort tiredness, giddiness and randomized heartbeats. But he said that it was not life-threatening and did not require drug. A move mortem was done by the LA County Coroner Monday, but toxicology reports instrument be revealed after six weeks.

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