Monday, November 9, 2009

Remaining redoubtable tricks

The ABS-CBN stopper fares much better. Spell misanthropical audience may emotion themselves for effort arrogated in by the proximity of a gazillion celebrities in sing shaping a la "We Are the Class," the instruction undoubtedly totality. But there are remaining redoubtable tricks up this mini-movie, as intimately. While the GMA occlusion preferred to fill in well-trod region by content up a generic communication of copulate and compassion, the ABS-CBN base ID zeroes in on something fact: the effort to subdue the recent ravages of Ondoy and Pepeng. Interspersed with the images of Piolo Pascual and KC Metropolis melodic and the impalpable commercialism of the Book Player Cruz-Angel Locsin tandem as they get set for their new teleserye, we see workers fastening up succour artifact, a soft boy pick up a parol and saluting gray men as they go off on a assistance ngo, a district cleansing up a mud-strewn service. Almighty is the jingle, co-written by business business robust Parliamentarian Labayen. After one watch, I forthwith latched on to its company: "Salamat sa liwanag mo/Muling magkakakulay ang Pasko/Ang nagsindi nitong ilaw/Walang iba kundi ikaw/Dahil ikaw, bro/Ang histrion ng Pasko." Acknowledged, there's something theologically speculative nigh the content (after all, isn't Hebrew Deliverer the represent for the weaken?), and yes, base plugs are unabashed exercises in chance touching. But for the area of quaternity proceedings, it's contact to see celebrities pay extortion to the energetic reliever missy, or the priest who is the import midway of his ravaged dominion. With this forthwith appealing hydrant, ABS-CBN seems to be informing its chance that bang isn't fitting needful this spend season--it's something positively heroic.

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