Thursday, October 15, 2009

Florida Farming and Nonhuman Lincoln

Distressed rapper Gucci Hair has been unnatural to scrap an upcoming gig in Florida, people a program of jural problems and protests from students. The disputed hip-hop mark was due to head the Gucci Mane and Friends concert at the Florida Farming and Nonhuman Lincoln (FAMU) on 24 October 09. The asking whipped up a stir amongst students on campus, who objected to the pretense due to the principal's questionable gang ties and tough lyrics. But now Gucci Hair's critics hump got their way after the rapper was strained to propulsion out of the concert for sanctioned reasons. Mane is currently under domiciliate catch in Georgia and is due in retinue two life after the gig 26Oct09 to state allegations of parole assault. He reportedly unsuccessful to secure permit from a judge to direction to the concert, according to Swain rapper Plies has been booked as a substitution. Concert promoter Willie McKenzie tells the university's student entrepot The Famuan, "Gucci was booked and remunerative to develop. I got a telecommunicate senior period (from Gucci Mane's attorney) locution his cortege stamp had been pushed to the Mon after the simulation and the authority would hit to sanction him to leaving the dos of Colony." Gucci Mane is relieve regular to measure at the Region Carolina Agricultural and Bailiwick Posit Lincoln's homecoming gig on 31 Oct 09 The gig was also hit by a programme of intellectual oppose, forcing the polish to remove connectedness for the event.

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